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NASCAR needs the World of Outlaws

NASCAR and the World of Outlaws need to partner more weekends together... it's NASCAR's job to make it happen.

NASCAR and the World of Outlaws need to partner more weekends together… it’s NASCAR’s job to make it happen.

NASCAR needs local short tracks interested in them. They need dynamic, exciting drivers… and support series racing that’s exciting too… why not look at dirt?

Every time I watch an Xfinity series race I laugh at the fact that Cup drivers win every week. I’m thinking to myself, how the hell do these Xfinity drivers not feel like a laughing stock? Not only are they in a second fiddle series, but they’re second fiddle in THAT series – how degrading!

Plus, the cars look basically the same to the untrained eye from Saturday to Sunday. In my mind no Cup drivers should be racing Xfinity – screw the sponsors, TV ratings, they’ll thank me later, trust me, because when people actually want to watch again the ad revenue will work for both parties.

Do you want to see the Cup drivers more than just on Sunday? Perfect! Give them the opportunity to race in a dirt sprint car or late model and challenge them in different conditions!

If NASCAR is really thinking about the future they should take a look the popularity of Supercross, and consider partnering with an established dirt series like the World of Outlaws. NASCAR drivers can occasionally join into the races (if contracts allow) and it doesn’t feel redundant – but actually adds value! “Let’s see how [insert NASCAR driver name] can do tonight” … would be a common phrase in the stands.

I was tweeting about this a bit with @HordRaceWatcher and he had some great immediate thoughts around race weekends – something I think race fans and attendees of NASCAR races would enjoy! (his tweets below)

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.30.46 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.30.58 AM

To unpack what he’s saying here, he mentions Eldora and getting a chance for Kyle Larson and Christopher Bell to run “KR” – King’s Royal there. A big World of Outlaws $50,000 to win winged sprint car race held at Eldora every year.

He also mentions the Mid-Ohio road course race for Xfinity could be paired with another Truck series dirt track race held at nearby Mansfield Motor Speedway that evening.

Now, this is all shooting the breeze, and we all know logistics and getting series/tracks/promoters together to agree – it can be challenging in getting deals together, but it’s really time to think outside the box and get creative with each other.

I’ve mentioned in previous articles that NASCAR needs to get off the “red carpet” treatment with all these race tracks, which they’ve done with their two support series, and get creative on getting all series to smaller short tracks.

Should they go a step further and partner with a dirt series (or two) and incorporate a bigger fan experience on race weekends that involve multiple stops to different tracks? I think so.

We already have World of Outlaw races the same weekend as NASCAR in places like Las Vegas and Charlotte, but we could go further, and have a shuttle system or simply directions, promotions, and ticket deals from NASCAR for many more races it makes plausible sense for. They want their race fans satisfied? This will surely provide that.

I know Michigan is the same weekend as the Knoxville Nationals for the Cup series, but can you imagine if they moved it to Iowa Speedway? You could have dirt track racing all week and cap the weekend off at Iowa Speedway watching the Cup drivers (who currently don’t race there due to “facilities not being adequate enough” – even though support series race there).

Or Pocono Raceway matched up with one of the many historic Pennsylvania dirt tracks that host many major dirt series races, including the World of Outlaws, or local shows from the “Pennsylvania Posse.”

It’s time for NASCAR to give back and foster relationships that will benefit them and other series who will do nothing but add value in building driver fanbase and ticket sales to NASCAR events.

Not to mention, you might see the next Kyle Larson or Christopher Bell at one of these dirt track/NASCAR weekends – talk about a support series!

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

1 comment on “NASCAR needs the World of Outlaws

  1. This should absolutely be taking place without question and as you stated the World of Outlaws would be the number one option but mix it up you have the All-Star series USAC & WoO Late Modles as well as big local events this is a gold mine market that’s untapped. I would spend more money attending events if I could always catch sprint cars in a support show!


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