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RacingDude.com Podcast: Randy Hannagan

Former World of Outlaw driver Randy Hannagan talks racing – from go-karts, sprint cars, the evolution of the World of Outlaws, and the climate of getting to IndyCar and NASCAR today.

Former longtime World of Outlaw driver Randy Hannagan talks with Luke about racing go-karts with Jeff Gordon as kids in California, his first WoO win at prelim night for Gold Cup in ’94, his take on how the World of Outlaws became so expensive, the Gary Stanton ride, and how the Road to IndyCar and NASCAR has changed.

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3 comments on “RacingDude.com Podcast: Randy Hannagan

  1. Glenn Casey

    My name is Glenn Casey my Godfather Mike Guerra saved the rookie Honda 250 Micro Midget Race Car for Randy Hannagan all original. We were happy to hear Randy has made the little Race Car a home.
    I loved listening to the indepth interview with Randy. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wayne w Walsh

    look forward to seeing you and the Family come out to Calif. Take care Randy. Great Job on interview .


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